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They offer low prices and generous discounts

Our teachers all charge the same prices for lessons. And if you pay for 4 lessons in advance, or bring a friend, you’ll get a big discount.

They plan effective lessons based around you

Our teachers know that learning Hungarian can be hard. As everyone learns at a different pace they’ll teach in a way that works for you.

They will teach you somewhere that suits you

Our teachers know you have a busy schedule so they’ll come to your home, your office or meet you somewhere public. Whichever is easiest.

You’ll have your lessons with great teachers like these…


Anna has a degree in Hungarian language teaching and has been tutoring for almost 10 years. She helps students learn conversation skills and business Hungarian and helps students prepare for the citizenship exam.

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Mariann lives and works in Tata in Hungary and has spent her career teaching Hungarian to business managers from all over the world. She tries to build a positive attitude in all her students to help them progress quicker.

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Janka spent 5 years working at the University of Pécs, teaching Hungarian to medical students, and at the Culture Summer University. She now lives in Norway and teaches students grammar and conversation skills by Skype.

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